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Welcome to Jack Norton’s Rottweiler blog.  We not only raise the highest standard Rottweilers, we also keep you updated on Rottweiler news. tips, and information here on this blog.  Feel free to leave a comment on any and all posts!  Thank You!

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  1. the Rotties are beautiful

  2. Looking for a male puppy

  3. I had a beautiful German Rottweiler and he was so loyal and protective but also very gentle. He died at the age of eleven and broke my heart. He became my best friend at a time when I really needed the love he so freely gave. It’s been 16 years but I still miss him. Someday soon I would love another. Thank you for sharing your pictures,beautiful dogs .

  4. Beautiful dogs.

  5. We got our handsome boy, Ceasar, from you folks back in Feb 2017. He is an absolute joy, loves kids, all animals and everyone he meets. We cannot tell you how pleased we are with his pedigree as his personality is such a loving and caring type. Thats why we will only get another from you folks. Please let me know when you have another litter coming as we are looking for a playmate for Ceasar.

  6. Have been talking with Jack Norton’s Kennels with Jack for around a month he is very nice to talk with and his most important interest is matching his pups to go to the best home and owner for the one best interest of what that person is looking for.There is no better Kennel Owner in where in the world. He really cares about the breed and the people he deals with 100%

  7. I met Jack three years ago while looking through countless websites in Europe and in the U.S. looking for a match for my stud dog and found it 50 miles away ,we have become very Good friends since that time ,I was extremely honored when Jack after medical issues asked me to take his dogs to carry on these Great Dogs and Bloodlines,Jack has spent over 30 years Bringing in these Great Dogs through the years even going to Germany to pick up his foundation female and bringing in other multi v1 rated females and Great males from many of the Greatest Rottweiler Dogs of all time with countless world titles and schutzund and professional k9’s ,His knowledge of these dogs is amazing. These dogs know when it is time for work and know when its time to play they are amazing with great temperament, bone, muscle, beautiful heads over all well balanced, perfect examples of the breed !!!!

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